3 free tools that helps you develop a striking content

3 free tools that helps you develop a striking content

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  • January 27, 2017

Let me be candid. While you might be one of the best content writing agencies around, no one really cares to go through whatever you write. Not unless, it is eye-catching.

Yes, you got it right! The content, besides being good, also needs to be visually appealing. It is a known fact that visual information is more interesting, grasped faster and also retained longer. This makes it essential for every content marketer to use visual content marketing tools.

This article is meant to explain three such powerful tools that are available for free. Read on and apply the learning to create some really explosive content.

Piktochart Infographics

Infographics is nothing but information conveyed through graphical representation.

Complex bundle of data, extensive information or detailed processes- all can be made less boring and more readable through infographics.

Difficult though it may sound, it is not so. With Piktochart, featuring more than 400 premade full-colored templates, you can easily transform your content into useful visual information that readers would prefer to read. A little know-how about the web and you are good to use Piktochart.

Explainer videos through Biteable

Videos are being used as an effective content marketing tool; worldwide. With all big companies following the trend, it is no longer tough for smaller businesses and start-ups to follow suite.

Biteable, the free online video creation software, allows you to create simple videos with utmost ease.

Catch up with the fast growing video trend now!

Google Fonts

How your content looks depends upon how well each word is placed; the gaps between two sentences, the space between paragraphs and how easily readable are your words. Fonts essentially play a crucial role in your content readability and its visual charm.

Amplify your content through Google Fonts. They allow content to develop a desirable personality and score better chances in terms of readership.

Give your content an edge above others. Use these tools now!