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3 reasons why people will read your blog

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  • April 5, 2018

We live in an information age. An era when we are surrounded by a knowledge based society that thrives on technology based information. The unlimited gadgets that evolve by the minute are responsible behind filling us with whatever little is left to be learnt. The internet is revolutionizing the era and children as small as 2 years old are feeding on it. Humans are losing out on personal touch but continuing to expand their social networks (virtually). Content is superfluously flowing through every website that you enter and videos have achieved a place that is not soon to be replaced.

In such kind of a set up, as a content writer, I am challenged to write blogs after blogs that people should be interested in. I ask myself how? Pop comes the answer – exchange place with your client and think what you would like to read. After all, I do wish my work to pay off. So, after a lot of deliberation, I finally reach at a few vital points which I think will make my blog worthwhile. And to see that fellow content writers who like me are engulfed in the sea of writing can put these points to some good use, here I am writing them down and publishing it here. Yet another blog just like a drop in the ocean.

3 reasons why people will read your blog

People hate generic stuff

Would you buy any jeans or one that fits your waist? Similarly, people only want to read stuffs that is specifically meant for them and answers their curiosity or satisfy their taste. So, if you are writing for a paediatrician , please write specifically about the illness, cures, habits, and food related to small children. Likewise if you are writing on a project that offers solution to environmental issues, writing on topics like deforestation, carbon footprints, etc. might attract the right audience.

Support with well-researched data

Let me reemphasize. We are in a digital age where information is available to one and all. How is your information more reliable than others? Only if you can prove it through data and research reports from reputed agencies, you will be able to stand apart. Learn about the most trusted research reports and data points for specific industries and make sure that they have been published recently before using it in your blog.

Make it conversational

Unless you are dead, try to maintain a tone that is conversational in nature. Make people feel as if they are a part of your blog. You can do it in many ways- by asking questions, by being humorous, or by writing in a direct speech. Remember, like you and me, the clients are alive and would love to talk; what if through a blog.

This is not the end. The list is endless and I shall keep enlightening you on the same in due course. Till then let me know if you found this blog useful. Drop me a mail at tanushree@creativeninjas.in or call at 8800552981. I would love to hear from yo soon.