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4 ways to make your content stand out

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  • November 10, 2017

What does it really take for a piece of content to become popular and leave an after-taste?

Creative writing team with out of the box ideas? YES!

3x+ posts a week? YES!

Organic and paid promotions? YES!

Periodic review and updates? Well, YES!

Then why is your content not clicking? (Despite the fact that you are following all the above steps to accuracy.)

Simply because it is not different. It is the usual thing that every other competitor is publishing. Coming straight to the point, differentiating yourself is the only way.

How do we do that? Let me help you out with few easy ways.

1. Get the basic right

Making your content stand out is not about how efficiently you use the thesaurus to bring across the most unique (often unheard) words or how dramatically you write. It is about answering a few basic questions and working out a content strategy as per the answers.

a.Who will be reading it?

Knowing your audience shall help you research better about their needs, pain areas, mindset and expectations. This can then help you customize your content and write something that hits them right on spot.

b. How will you reach them?

Promotion strategies differ as per the audience. A combination of right content and wrong promotions will get you nowhere. Work well towards this aspect before surging ahead.

c. What additional value can your content deliver when compared to competition?

Customers are naturally driven towards content which has been well researched and holds deeper meaning and information compared to others. For you to stand out, delivering high-value content is an imperative.

2. Shoot up your imagination

Content does not have to be necessarily around what you sell or offer. Why would people even want to read that? Rather, content should be written around a topic that attracts clients and compels them to read; at the same time, it should be related to your offerings. Put your imagination to fire and think across everything that can pull your client.

For example, a Chinese restaurant instead of repeatedly publishing about itself can write-

• 5 reasons why food is cooked differently in various parts of China

• Why soups enhance(not kill) your hunger?

• The works of life

Don’t they sound worth a read?

3. Picture Posts

People love to see images, process them faster than content and remember them for a longer time. Pick up pictures that relate to your business. Use them to draw comparison, explain concepts, define perspectives, narrate a story and much more with help of few smart and short phrases.

4. Sell benefits (not features)

People are least bothered about what you sell. All they want to know is “ How will I benefit from it?” You are thus required to master the art of converting the features to benefits and put them across as consumers want to perceive.

Here is a simple example.

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