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Can your prospects decipher what you write?

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  • December 23, 2016

Effective content marketing strategy today involves creating qualitative content and distributing it smartly such that it reaches the target audience. Every company knows it and most of them are spending a fortune in content marketing.

So, they build up complex articles and pen down exhaustive blogs; with minutest details about the product, industry and the company. Filling it up with industry jargons and terminologies is must.In doing so, they believe that the reader would be thrilled. More knowledge and information in an article obviously means that it would be more interesting to read; at least that is what most of us have been led to believe.

But is it really so? Would all prospects appreciate and understand every word of it. More importantly, would they even care to read all of it? How many of us go into minute details before purchasing any merchandise?

Symptoms of boring content

While developing content, do you consider the fact that your prospects might not know your industry the way you do. Your world might be new for them and so would be the subject of the content that you write for them.

Using industry jargons and industry terminologies that you are exposed to day in and day out might not be as appealing to the reader. Infact, to him/her, it might sound gibberish; unrelated and boring.The complexity of the content can pose as a deterrent to its readability.

To worsen things further, unexplained references to things that only an industry insider can relate to are also penned down. Not to forget information overload that the readers are stuffed with.

How to overcome the situation

To begin with, press the ‘Refresh’ button of your mind. Change how you perceived the entire affair earlier. Broaden your vision and take a deeper look at the immediate and long term needs of the consumer. Conduct thorough market research and study your competition.

Make sure that whatever you write is kept simple. Avoid getting into minute detailing and technicalities; try writing keeping in mind perspective of the target audience. Excessive information may turn down a prospect in the initial stages of purchase lifecycle.

If you are writing for an industry which has been tagged as ‘boring’ you need to pay special attention. The responsibility of converting the otherwise uninteresting subject to an exciting one vests on the words you choose.

Now combine all aspects to develop content that a prospect would be interested in – something with less detailing and more focus on the information that consumers demand. Keeping in view the questions that consumers usually ask about your brand and products would help you write engaging and exciting things.

Remain constantly updated on the additional information that prospects request for and look out for changes in market trends. Use this as the base to monitor your content strategy and optimize it continually.

Keeping the above mentioned elements in view shall help you create content with increased efficacy and improved productivity. Better response from prospects and augmented brand awareness shall soon follow.