Content writers: Who they are and what they do

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  • September 7, 2017

-I want you to develop content for my website.

- Sure! Have you decided on the layout? What pages do you want us to write for?

- No, you can check that out on your own

- Sure. We shall recommend it for you. To do that, we would need some information about your company.

- Just refer to any other website and write something similar.

- OK...But... At least...

Being into the content writing business, we have had many such conversations in the past where the client wants us to deliver the best content but has no clue about anything. Result? Well, keep imagining!

Content writers, not detectives!

Thinking, undertaking research, and developing content that helps you convey your message in the most engaging way is what we are here for. However, we cannot read minds! Neither can we dig into your company details and cook up your brand story. Across the table conversations with the client are bare essential in helping us understand about the company’s vision, personality, and its positioning. Also it maps our work to your expectations.

Though we have earned ourselves an image of a detective who can peek into finer details and work out content absolutely without zero support from the company representatives, in reality, we beg to differ in our role.

Our area of work

“So, what do you do then?” is what you might next want to ask.

Good question!

Writing something that is relevant, original, creative and interesting, all at the same time, is our area of expertise. With these, we help you build the image that you had envisioned for your company. It is our job to ensure that you social media posts are clever enough to be followed. Making people stick to your webpage and read your blogs till the end also falls under our list of responsibilities. Our content is supposed to evoke emotions amongst audience and sustain their level of excitement. Your SEO ranking, apart from the SEO experts, depends largely on how smartly we stuff the keywords in the write-ups. Our words are meant to be realistic and impressive, both at once. We are the ones responsible behind the correctness of the facts/details that are published under your name. We also have an implied liability towards building a positive brand reputation and contributing to the bottom line.

All this is achieved through a well-planned strategy; multiple round of discussions; internal brainstorming; carefully crafted words which are read, re-read and edited to engage your audience effectively; and periodic review of the content and improvements there on.

What do we expect from our clients?

Keeping your interest alive in content development activities and following what we do is expected from all our clients. Your business is your baby which makes your involvement a must to help it flourish. Just spare some time every time we finalize content strategy, briefly review the pieces of content developed by us; and provide your valuable inputs. Above all, keep us informed about your brand’s future plans and your views on its positioning. A continuous flow of information and periodic rounds of discussions inspires us to continually perform better and deliver results par excellence.

Our services

Just in case you would be interested to know, Creative Ninjas can help you write the following:-

Blogs & Articles – Important enough to enhance your visibility, blogs and articles usually comprise of few hundred words written on a topic that is relevant to your business and interesting enough for your audience.

Website – Websites help the world see your company through your lens. Serving as the interface for initial interaction between you and your clients, websites are meant to be factual, impressive and promising.

Newsletters – Periodic write up for magazines or newspapers, newsletters contain information about the activities undertaken by your organization during a particular duration.

Case Studies – Want to display your work efficiency? Case study can serve as a perfect medium. It sums up a particular achievement of your company by mentioning the challenges faced, requirements raised and solution provided.

Reviews – You thought that all those awesome reviews written out there are actually submitted by the clients? Time to get the facts right!

Social Media Content – Like reviews, your social media posts too need a professional touch to keep the audience excited and interested perennially.

Brochures – A must for marketing activities, brochures give a bird eye view of your company and its services. Needless to say they are supposed to be impeccable.

Corporate Profiles –Introduce your brand to others in a powerful way through impressive corporate profiles. Depending on your business, they can range from 6-8 pages or more.

Product Pages- For the ones who want their products to be featured as individual brands, product pages is an apt choice.

Script Writing – Latest in trend, script writing for videos, whiteboard animation and anything else that might make your brand interact better can work wonders.

Manual and Guides – Extremely important for electric and electronic equipments, manuals and guides help the consumers to understand, install and use a product through visuals and explanatory content.

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