E mail marketing- Time to do it in a right way

E mail marketing- Time to do it in a right way

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  • July 23, 2018

Are you practicing email marketing but not getting positive results? Then it’s time to change your way and perspective. Creative Ninja's have brought ways that are simple but can do wonders for the growth of your business.

Why E-Mail Marketing?

Email Marketing is not only the way of promoting your product but also about how you communicate with your consumer. According to Statista, 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017 and it is predicted to be increased to 281.1 billion by 4 the end of this year (2018). In the era of gadget addicts, it’s important for the marketing group to develop strategies to advertise their brands with the help of the ‘facility as well as the necessity’ called the INTERNET. Today people are more attentive and attracted towards the information that stream on their gadgets than that available through advertisements and print media.

The 5C’s of E-mail Marketing

Team Creative Ninjas thus brings you the 5 Cs to run your email marketing successfully.


This is the most essential part of email marketing. Here are the things to be kept in mind while drafting your e-mails:-

SUBJECT: Subject should be catchy and should be able to create curiosity and interest. If possible it should reflect profitable deals, offers etc. for the audience. Also subject should be relevant to the body copy.

SHORT AND SIMPLE: This mantra will help the readers to easily understand the motive of your e-mails and will increase its opening rate. It will keep your audience interested as well as will keep you on track and to the point.

PERSONALIZED EMAILS: Emails should be personalized. It creates direct relation with readers. With this in mind you should add your customer's name in the subject line. Addressing your customer will help you to have direct conversation with the consumer.

DON'T SPAM: Spamming is the main cause of unsuccessful results in email marketing. Don't send irrelevant information to your consumers. Pay attention to technicalities, use recognizable user name, choose your ESP (Email Service Provider) wisely, try not to use spam trigger words, avoid typos and use plain text as well as HTML. DO NOT FORGET to include all these precautions to avoid being the part of the blacklisted senders.


Email marketing is the cheapest as well as the most reliable way of promoting your product. Including consistency, relevancy along with a smart email marketing strategy can thus do wonders for your business growth without burning a hole in your pocket.

Consistent e-mail marketing not just builds a relationship between you and your consumer but it also helps you to develop confidence for your products and brand within the consumers mind. However, with consistency you also have to ensure that the emails you send contain informative text; otherwise they will end up ineffective.


*The most important thing in process of communication is hearing.*

Communication is the most important part of email marketing.

Communication means exchange of information between two individuals. However, in the business sector communication is more than that; it is not only about exchanging information but also about creating a trustworthy relationship with clients.

To create the trust, communication should always be a two way process. So your emails should have a feedback column that allows you to improve the product as well as gain an understanding about the customer's expectations. It should also have an option for your consumers to interact easily with you at any given point. Having a platform to give their piece of advice or suggestion and even complaints will result in increased consumer satisfaction and a better version of product. Once the consumer realizes that you are listening and acknowledging his/her demands, the whole game changes and business volumes automatically shoot up.

As we say ‘words are mightier than the sword’, so in the war of email marketing let your words fight and win.


Credible content should be the key feature of your email. It’s important that the content should be rational as well as dependable to build a positive reputation of your company. Needless to say, Plagiarism is a complete NO.

Deceptive content directly results in decreased sales and raise your chances of getting blacklisted. Thus see to it that your e-mail content is verified and double-checked before you circulate it to the consumers/subscribers.


“Indulgence of creativity in your writing can change the vision of your message.”

Boring or repetitive content/information can be made thought provoking by including the key element of CREATIVITY within your emails. Creativity gives you the space to improvise the way of delivering the same message in a new way to your consumer.

So here are few tips to add the much required flavour to your e-mails before you hit the send button:-

• Think out of the box for better outcome.

• Add words and images that make your reader catch the message as soon as he/she opens up your mails.

• Always try to come up with something that is unique with the pinch of originality.

The 5 C’s will help you to generate exclusive content and create a unique marketplace for your products and services. Though it could be difficult task but here at Creative Ninjas, we know just the way to make it work. For more, call us at 8800552981 or write to us at tanushree.business@gmail.com.