Gurmeet Ram Rahim sentenced to 10 years imprisonment – Is it justified?

Gurmeet Ram Rahim sentenced to 20 years imprisonment – Is it justified?

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  • August 28, 2017

Yet again, the Indian belief system has been jeopardized as Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. After claiming the lives of 38 innocent people in Panchkula and several incidences of violence in Punjab, Haryana and New Delhi arising due to the court proceedings in this case, the 50 year old, who is better known as ‘Messenger of God’ has been punished for his sins- the brutal act of raping two women 15 years ago.

The defence lawyers, who called him a philanthropist, appealed for lighter sentence on account of the good things that he has done for the community. Now my question to all reading this is – does any amount of good make up for these two acts? Well, I always thought that negative actions demand an equal reaction and no amount of good deeds can shield it. The survivors of rape were none other than his female devotees or sadhvis, who had an unwavering faith in their Guru (Ram Rahim) until that fateful day. Imagine the sufferings they must have experienced through the last 15 years. Suffering for believing in a man as their guru, taking him as next to God and having faith that he shall liberate them from all the pains and tangles of this tangible universe.

Here, I am not denying the importance of gurus in any religion or culture. They have been and shall always be an important part of the religious eco-system and have been instrumental in spreading the message of peace, contentment and brotherhood. But which ones are to be trusted and which ones are exploiting our belief? How are we supposed to decide? This is not the first instance. The arrest and conviction of Asaram Bapu, one of the most reversed saints of recent times who later became famous for his rape and murder case, is still fresh in our memories. Rampal Maharaj, another name in the spiritual world was arrested for a similar case in 2006 and later set free.

Our ancient scriptures have divided the wheel of time into 4 periods- kalyuga, the present time being the last one. This Yuga depicts degeneration of spirituality, decline of morality and rise of sin and lust. With yet another case where a guru, originally meant to be the protector of religion and good faith has changed track and caught trespassing, I am left me with a stronger belief in the kalyuga concept. We have indeed entered into an irreversible ‘Dark Age.’

What do you think? Have both women actually met justice?