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How can SEO content drive your Business?

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  • September 20, 2017


Domain Registration – Done

Website Development- Done

Facebook Page- Done

Twitter Updates- Done

Blogs & Articles- Done

Me: Everything is done yet no results. No leads. Why are people not visiting my website and social media pages?

Expert: How would they find you out? Do they know that you exist?

Me: They would come to know on their own. After all I have checked everything on my ‘To Do’ list.

Expert: You need some serious lessons on SEO. Let me introduce the necessary evil to you.

In our era, people barely have time to spare. They order for the fastest available menu item in a restaurant, take the fastest conveyance to their offices and find short-cuts to everything they deal with. The same propensity takes over when they search for something over the internet. Anything which is not accessible readily on the internet is obviously not clicked. If one really wants users to click on an online business page, following are the three essential rules.

Essential rules for generating traffic for your website

• The business should be easily traceable through common search keywords;

• It should be displayed in one of the top 5 search results;

• It should consistently maintain its top position on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you meets all the three conditions above. SEO optimizes your website content in a way that it becomes visible on the first page of search engine and sticks to its position. So let us discuss SEO, its advantages and how it can help your business grow.

What is SEO?

Think of your school library and the librarian sitting behind the counter helping you with a great book on the exact topic you demand. How did he find the exact book amongst thousands piled up in the shelves? Of course through a well organized system and with a definitive approach. SEO refers to this approach of finding the exact thing searched by a user on the internet through a series of algorithms managed by search engines. Search Engines act like internet directories which keep record of information stored on all web pages and returns relevant information when searched by users.

Key elements of SEO Algorithms

The algorithms which form the basis of SEO are based on the following key factors:-

Content – If a user looks for “kid’s clothes’ on Google, Google looks for all websites which have mentioned ‘kids clothes’ in its content. The WebPages that match with the search words are displayed as top search results.

Titles – Page title is assumed to summarize the entire content of the page and thus matters a lot for search engine ranking. Quoting the above example, if the page title mentions ‘best kid’s clothes’, chances of the webpage ranking higher amongst search results increases.

Links – If your website is linked to various reputed sites, it is taken by search engines as a positive recommendation. Higher the links better is your search engine ranking.

Words in Links – Words in links are not to be ignored. If a user searches for a word/phrase that is constantly mentioned in links to your webpage, you have a greater probability of appearing amongst top search rankings.

Reputation – For those who didn’t know, reputation counts online too. Sites with consistent reputation and trustworthy links are displayed first on search engines. If one can get the above algorithm right, the business is sure to display on the first page of all search engines and bound to prosper. Do not forget that SEO is not a one-time process. It has to be continuously practiced to enjoy best results.

How can SEO make business grow?

Now that we have learnt the basics about SEO, let us understand how it can contribute to your business growth. Here we list down the most important benefits of SEO:-

1)Generate traffic to your website:

Search engine loves content. Thus, its uniqueness and freshness can be instrumental in attracting more users to your website. More the pages on your website with an excellent display of creative content more are the chances of users visiting your page. This shall eventually lead to improved business ranking. Higher user engagement also raises website ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This in turn shall increase the traffic on your website and result in higher leads.

2)Cost-effective solution:

There are two ways to bring your website on the top of search engine pages. One is to pay for your website promotion and use tools such as Google Adword and PPC (Pay per Click). These are expensive tools that can generate good results for your website but the effects shall soon fade once you opt out of such campaigns. In simple terms, the results not sustainable.

The other way is to generate traffic through organic search results (SEO) which are absolutely free of cost. Organic refers to traffic generated through genuine searches made on search engines by actual users. The traffic is generated absolutely free of cost. Also, the organic search results are more consistent in nature as your website ranking is not dependent on paid resources and would thus not drop suddenly. Although you need to put in efforts and remain consistent, it is certainly better than the paid version.

3)Creates a brand value:

Google has a high trust value as most users rely on its search results. Ranking amongst the top searches of Google thus increases your business credibility and instantly uplifts the brand value. SEO helps you achieve this with ease.

4) Stand out from the rest:

What is it that your business has which others don’t? This concept is very important to understand. There are millions of other websites that deal in the same line of business as you do and it is a herculean task to compete with them. SEO bails you out of this competition by helping you stand out from the crowd. Through your content, SEO places you uniquely and helps you establish a distinguished position.

The benefits are endless and we can go on and on. Stay tuned in for more updates on SEO section and do follow us here. We can also help you develop unique and exciting SEO content to help you meet your business goals. Contact us at 8800552981 or email us at