How to write a striking animated explainer video script?

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  • November 21, 2017

Videos are the future of marketing; without an ounce of doubt. Though making one may sound quite simple, is it really so? To make an explainer marketing video and to make one that really hits the chord are two different things; video script making all the difference. Creating a healthy sales funnel through the video, your ultimate objective, can only and only be achieved with a solid script.

Having said that, let us learn the most important ingredients that go into making of a powerful explainer video script. Here they go:-

1.Begin with the basics

Who, what and why – an answer to these 3 questions are the best starting point to a script.

WHO is your target audience? Unless you know who would see the video, piercing their hearts and minds is impossible. A thorough research on them, their mindset, preferences, budget constraints, priorities, demand, etc. shall set the right tone for your script.

WHAT are their pain points? What factors will trigger them to buy your product/services? Once you know this, focus on it and speak about how your products/services can offer a solution to it.

WHY would they choose you? Once you hit upon the pain point, do remember that there are many others who provide a similar solution. How you differentiate yourself would do the trick here. Make sure that your script crisply speaks about why are you a better choice than your competitor.

2.Smaller is better

As per a survey by Hubspot, videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53%, which keeps declining at a super fast rate as the length of the video increases.

This leaves a clear message- keep your script short. Pen down all the crucial points that you want to convey and compress them so that you are left with the crux of it. Now, deliver this crux to the audience by using a great combination of voice over and on screen display of words.

This video from ‘ETS’ is a great example of how everything important can be delivered within 90 seconds to leave an impact.

3.Skip the ‘Foreword’

Just begin and jump straight to the point. Having understood the time limitation of an animated explainer video script, this is the best you can do to create a differentiated space for your brand. You need not worry about the points that were left out in the video. Once your script is able to create interest and invoke the viewers to see it through the end, you shall have sufficient time to convey rest of the details through website, links, blogs and e-mails.

Check out how ‘Kala’ pins it in just 67 seconds and gives away everything one should know through a smart script.

4.Stress on a single solution

It is very tempting to explain all the features of your product/service with all its possible advantages, all at once. Isn’t it? Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake most explainer video developers make. The message gets lost and the audience are left confused (not to mention lose interest) when your script focuses on more than one solution. Take it easy, go slow and stress on one point in every explainer video. Driving the solution into the customer’s head (not the exhaustive list of features) and showing them their benefits are the only way to create an effective sales funnel.

Monetise’ explainer video is a perfect example of emphasizing on a single solution. Watch here.

5.Humour is always good

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Humour deepens engagement and makes the video more memorable. However, do ensure that the humour flows naturally in the script and is not forcibly stuffed as the later can act as a major turn off for the viewers. Here is an example for you.

6.Edit rutlessly

A good video script is all about editing, editing,and editing. Keep all emotions in the back burner and edit mercilessly till the script attains perfection. Watch out for the word count (ideally 140-150 words per minute of video); see that the script is personalized; ensure a positive tone; see that it showcases advantages, not features; and keep it simple and easy to relate with.

While you are still applying the above tips to perfection, hire an expert to write your video script. Write to us at