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How to write with confidence? Secrets to tame your mind

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  • July 18, 2017

Writing may no longer be an easy, casual thing once you realize that this is what you are supposed to do all day long. Your brilliant mind suddenly stops functioning and one thought takes over everything else – will people like what I write or not?

This is exactly when writing begins to get on your nerves.

Believe me when I say you are not alone in this. Writers, even the best ones, have to put a tough battle against their tumbling self-confidence every now and then. When ‘what you wrote’ is supposed to be published on the World Wide Web, it is very natural to feel so.

So what should you do? How to help yourself believe in yourself?

Here are few secrets right from an author’s diary that can help you tame your mind and write with confidence.

  1. You cannot make everyone happy

Stop thinking that what you are writing shall be universally accepted by everyone. It is not possible. No matter how good you are, someone shall not like it. So, why rack your brains and undermine your writing skills, trying to please all readers? Just focus on being liked by the right set of audience and stop bothering about the rest.

  1. Give yourself a fair chance

Like everyone else, you cannot grow and be perfect overnight. It shall only happen with time. Meanwhile, you will meet both failure and success. Let the former not dishearten you and the later not get on your head. Eventually, you will learn and become what you wanted to be. You shall also see your confidence grow in the process. Till then, give yourself a fair chance.

  1. Know the objective

Before you begin to write, know why are you writing it and who shall be reading it. Once both the objective and target audience is clear in your mind, writing gets a lot easier.

  1. You can do it

What you think about yourself reflects in your style of writing and the choice of words. If you think that you are ‘good for nothing’ and your write-ups are not worth it, you will get closer to failure.  Instead, if you get up every day and say to yourself ‘yes, I can do it today’, it would make all the difference.

Do not fail in your mind- it is the worst you can do.

  1. Bask in appreciation

I hope you are not one of those who mistakes appreciation for sarcasm. If you do, you should consider swapping your role as a writer.

Value appreciation and accept it humbly. They are true rewards for your efforts and real confidence boosters.

Are you feeling a little better after reading this? Do let me know your views.

Happy Writing!