Learn ways to understand your brand value inside out.

Learn ways to understand your brand value inside out.

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  • December 18, 2017

Whose perception really counts when it comes to your BRAND? Everyone matters- consumers, employees, management team and even those who are not consuming your brand, for it is them who collectively decide whether your brand enjoys a positive reputation or not and whether it shall stand tall amidst competition.

Having said that, it becomes extremely crucial to know what they think about your brand. Unfortunately, not many of them open up easily and often voice out their opinion behind your back, a space you do not enjoy access to. Result? You either end up overrating your brand or play it down.

Time for reality check! Here are some simple and easy ways to figure out what is on each one’s mind.

Speak one to one– Few stakeholders such as your management team, business partners and investors are best approached one to one. Though they may resist speaking on their own, they certainly have strong opinions to share about how the brand is performing. After all, it has everything to do with their individual careers and personal growth. Ask them for their time, look right into their eyes and ask for their views. You would be surprised by their insights and might as well use them in the brand’s favour.

Employee Feedback Sessions - What your employees think and know about the organization is what they communicate further to the consumers. They are the most vital link between you and your consumers and well-capacitated to influence the later beyond measures. This makes it imperative for them to hold a positive image about your brand. Holding regular employee feedback sessions shall not just help you get a realistic view about your brand but also help you engage more effectively with your employees and motivate them. Be open minded and let them know that their opinions shall be basis of corrective measures in the organization.

Consumer Poll – Why do your consumers prefer you over the others? Do they really understand the value that you deliver? Are they satisfied? Are there serious complaints to be addressed? Are they thinking of switching over to competition? The answers to all these questions are central for brand sustenance. Partner with a reliable agency and conduct a fair and extensive consumer poll to find out. Follow up through their concerns and get back with an appropriate solution. Knowing that you care for them and want to know how they feel about your brand can work wonders for your brand reputation.

Market Research – It is equally important to know what people who do not consume your brand think about it. Why are they holding back? Is your brand uncompetitive? Is a bad brand image stopping them? Is it a negative past experience? A well conducted market research can help you uncover their perceptions and perhaps create a wider market for your brand.

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Happy Branding!