Taxman cracks down on Congress leaders1

Taxman cracks down on Congress leaders – Confirms undisclosed income of 162 crores, 41 lakh cash and 13 kg gold

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  • January 24, 2017
In raids conducted in Gokak, Belagavi and Bengaluru, IT department confirmed discovery of undisclosed income of 162 crores, 41 lakh cash and 13 kg gold. Though the names of defaulters were not officially disclosed, it is learnt that one holds an influential position in a political party while other holds an important post in state government, both being engaged in sugar production. On January 19, the IT department had frisked the premises of small-scale industries minister Ramesh L Jarkiholi and Laxmi Hebbalkar, the state president of Mahila Congress. Both of them are directors in sugar factories. IT department, without naming Jarkiholi and Hebbalkar said that the searches led to ‘gathering of evidence of systematic and organized tax evasion by both the groups’. It was also seen that nonexistent persons have been made shareholders and investors in one of the sugar companies. Evidence of creation of bogus assets and siphoning off money from the company through various concerns engaged in turnkey projects for setting up of sugar factories have also been gathered. IT department also commented that the unexplained cash deposits in accounts of family members and in benami accounts of cooperative societies, which were then transferred to business entities engaged in manufacturing of sugar was noticed, in lieu of various entries, immediate bank enquiries and surveys conducted across cooperative banks. The information with regards to such money laundering is claimed to be passed on to the IT dept. by the brother of a MLA from other political party in Belgavi. As per Siddharamaiah, Chief Minister, Karnataka and the Congress leaders in Karnataka, the IT department is purposefully targeting Congress leaders and lending support to Narendra Modi led Centre which aspires to make India ‘Congress Mukt’.