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The newest content writing avenues 2018

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  • August 27, 2018

The whole content marketing business seems to be about websites, brochures, blogs, articles and at the most few PR’s. Isn’t it?

If it does, you probably haven’t forayed into the less discovered but far more interesting, intriguing, creative and challenging part of the work yet. Today, as technology is taking a stride and people are finding a different sense of advertising and marketing their stuffs, content marketing has jumped to a whole new dimension. In this blog, we will take you through the new aspects of content marketing that will soon push everything else out of the market and get you ready for it.

Video Content

81% businesses have started using video marketing – have you?

Video content is the biggest buzzword in content marketing today. Instead of sending corporate profiles, companies now prefer sending video profiles. The e-brochures have been replaced by e-books; text messages have taken form of GIF images; self-explanatory guide has given way to explainer videos, and so on. Video content is the present and future of the industry and if your expertise in this sphere is inadequate, you might as well pace up to stay competent. For this trend is here to stay.

Thematic Marketing

The era, when products and brands gained popularity through relentless TV and newspaper commercials, has come to an end. With rising consumer awareness and their changing demand patterns, brands have started to indulge in thematic marketing content. Companies like ‘FilterCopy’ and ‘Girliyapa’ are making some highly entertaining ‘freshly brewed’ videos for few popular brands like Trivago, Pepperfry, Kotak Mahindra Bank, etc.; which does a lot more than just promoting a brand.

Influencer Marketing

70% of the millennial consumers’ purchase decision is influenced by peer recommendations

In this marketing style, the content acts as a testimonial advertisement posted by someone extremely influential on social media and has a number of followers. Getting your products endorsed by such people adds an extra layer of reliability to it and helps it spread to a large user-base instantly. In concise, they act like brand ambassadors to your brand over the online network and help you get a solid presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their likes.

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