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Useful tips for creating your own space as a content writer

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  • March 27, 2018

Content! Content! Content!

The industry is flooding with new talent every day. As content has become an inevitable need for businesses to remain in the show and grow, the content writing industry has jumped to an altogether new level. The competition is getting tougher and challenging writers to their wits.

This scenario essentially demands more than just writing skills for a content writer to sustain. With a few thousand blogs being published every minute on the World Wide Web and many more under development, here is what you need to create your own space in this big fat universe.

First listen, and then act

Unlearning is a very important process that most of us miss working on. As content writers, it is extremely important to consider every project with a new perspective, keeping at bay what you previously did with something similar. Every project will have a new set of audience, different objective, changed perspective and a whole new offering. As a writer, our slates should be clean and ready for a fresh beginning.

Offer relevant suggestions

Use your experience to make recommendations to your client. Most clients see it as value add and view it as a sign of you taking the deeper interest in their work. Suggest them on layout alterations, project conceptualization, word limits and other elements that might help them grow.

On-time delivery

Never falter on timelines. NEVER. Though doing this has become a well-accepted standard, meeting deadlines will put you in a separate league. You will invariably earn more respect and see more work coming your way.

Good PR Skills

informal communication with your clients serve as footsteps for a long lasting relationship. This is a significant reason why you will be chosen above other writers. It can also help you get good referrals and expand your horizon.

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