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Were our ancestors more scientifically evolved than us?

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  • December 27, 2017

Pushpak Vimaan. Does it strike a bell? For all those who have spent their childhood listening to grandma’s ancient tales, press harder.

It so happened one day that Raavan, the lord of Lanka, trapped Sita from her cottage and took her to his land on the ‘Pushpak Vimaan.’ Pushpak Vimaan, in this story is an aircraft that flew from India to Sri Lanka. Like most of you, this thought amused me when I was a child. How can someone in that age do something as complicated as building an aircraft? It has to be nothing but a stupid story with zero probity. What about Wright Brothers who are said to have invented the first aeroplane in 1903?

It was only when I grew up that I considered the possibility of such a thing (Pushpak Vimaan) existing in reality. Could something like this have actually happened millions of years ago?

Were our ancestors more advanced than we think?

We are the most able species on this earth. No one can beat our intellect which is only getting better as we evolve! Ah! Beliefs nurtured by us over the centuries.

To imagine that someone smarter than us could have existed millions of years ago is certainly intimidating. I know talking about something (Pushpak Vihaan) that is just a part of some ancient scriptures is strange. What is the proof that these things ever existed? And above all, is it possible that people in the past had better brains. Keeping our egos aside, let us talk about the possibilities.

Ancient mythology has been screaming the role that science played in the life of our ancestors. Though most of us chose to turn a deaf ear to it, the incidents quoted below will make you re-think.

Decoding ancient scientific incidents


An episode in our epics narrate that the day when Devaki (Kansa’s sister) was getting married to Vasudeva, an akaashvani from the sky occurred. It said that their 8th son would be the destroyer of Kansa. This akaashvani was basically considered as a message straight from the heaven. It served as a means of immediate and direct communication between two people millions of kilometres away without any physical contact.

Think about it! Can we not compare it to the radio signals, satellite signals and mobile signals today? Can we assume that all this while all we were actually doing was to recreate the technology that our ancestors had mastered millions of years ago?

2.Ram Setu

A floating bridge was built on the sea between Sri Lanka and India by one million monkeys (vanars) in five days to help Lord Ram rescue Sita from Ravan. Building of a bridge with stones which can float on water was impossible without advance engineering techniques. Scientists had disputed it for years saying that the bridge (which still exists) was made through a natural process and that the ancient Indians were scientifically backward to have built it manually. However, as per a recent interview with an archaeologist conducted by Science Channel, "The rocks on top of the sand actually pre-date the sand. So there is more to the story."


All through the Mahabharat war, you would find constant mention of a weapon called ‘Bramhastra’ which is referred to as weapon condemned to be use unless the occurrence of a grave circumstance. They can be linked to nuclear weapons, a sphere in which we still continue to evolve.

In an incident, Arjun’s cousin accidentally released a Bramhastra which triggered nuclear destruction and created several layers of heat rays in the sky which then slowly started settling on the earth. Arjun then, with due permission and guidance from Lord Krishna, deflected the multiple nuclear heat-waves upwards in the sky and saved earth from massive destruction. No wonder, the war took lives of 1.5 billion people in just 18 days.

4.The birth of Kauravas

We all know that Kaurava’s, the 100 sons of Gandhari, were born from earthen pots. While this might sound insane, a scientist explains this phenomenon as an incredible example of advance scientific technique. He says that the kauravas were born by splitting a single embryo in 100 parts which were then nurtured outside human body in earthen pots. Though this might sound like a current-day test-tube baby, it is far superior, as we have not yet learnt the science to split embryos or nurture them outside human womb.

5.Sanjay’s Divya Drishti – Live Telecast

Sanjay, an assistant to blind King Dhritrashtra is said to have narrated the complete incidents of the battlefield (Kurukshetra) to the king in a pattern similar to live telecast. In days when television or live cameras were inexistent, he could see the ongoing in the battlefield from a large distance. Isn’t that astounding?

6.Distance of Sun from Earth

Several thousand years ago, in the age of Lord Rama, Hanuman had already calculated the distance between Sun and Earth.

The distance finds a clear mention in ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. It says “Yug Sahastra Yojan Par Bhanu, Lilyo taahi madhur fal janu’. Yug = 12000 years, Sahastra = 1000, Yojan = 8 miles. 12000*1000*8 = 96000000 miles which when translated into kilometres ( 1 mile = 1.6 Kms) is 1536000000 kms to Sun.

NASA in its website has mentioned “One AU is the distance from the sun to the Earth, which is about 93 million miles or 150 million kilometres”

While the above are few examples of the profound knowledge that our ancestors seemed to hold, the list does not end here. Keep checking back for more on this at If you have any query related to it, do write to us at