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What it takes to be a content writer! Do you have it in you?

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  • March 20, 2018

First thing first! Content Writing isn’t a cakewalk. No, it is not like writing an essay that you appeared for in your English exams and scored 9 out of 10. Though you might feel that all it takes is English and some common sense, and of course a good hand on Microsoft Word; content writing is actually much more than that- at least to me.

So, just in case you have sorted out your career choice or are just driven by the frenzy that is nowadays building around content writing profession, here is what you should know before plunging into it.

What it takes to be a content writer?

Creativity – Loads and loads of it. After all, who likes to read the same thing again and again? And even if at all, you have to repeat the same story again, your creativity must make it look like a brand new concept which has never been heard earlier.

Know what’s happening around – People prefer reading things that are tied to recent events, news, technology, gossips, movies, etc. If you can garner that curiosity about the latest happenings by using it a bit in your content, you have nailed it.

Stay competitive – Technology is changing fast. Same holds for consumer expectations. If you are not following the latest trends on writing or updating yourself on the latest tools, technology and techniques, you will fade out eventually. To be in the business and survive till eternity, this is probably the foremost thing that you need to practice.

Different people, different needs – You think that you have mastered a single style of writing which is incomparable, you might as well get that patented instead of using it as an entry point for a career in content writing. This sphere demands a new style of writing every time. With a huge variation in industry, customer type, mindset, psychology, the product that you are promoting and what people want to read, you will have to keep changing how you write.

Writing Skills – Now that goes without saying; doesn’t it? If you have all of the above but have not mastered your language, where would you be? Anywhere but here! You have to be grammatically correct and have a huge vocabulary, that’s the least of it.

Even if you don’t have the above in you, do not be discouraged. Keep the creative spark alive and wait for an opportune time when some alternative would interest you. Till then, travel often, smile enough and live fullest.

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