What makes storytelling a crucial part of content marketing?

What makes storytelling a crucial part of content marketing?

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  • August 6, 2018

“It was the autumn of 2015, when I and my two friends, decided: ‘Now or never’. That was the starting point of ‘Creative Ninjas’. With a handful of clients and strong determination, we were ready to create some uniquely refreshing and interesting pieces of content with the intention to invade the world of internet at a skyrocketing speed. It has been three years since then. We are glad that it was THEN that we did not think twice. Today, we work with the most elite clients of the city and our articles are making the same spur as intended.”

How did you like our story?

If you are reading this, it means that we could keep you engaged for the first few and certainly the most important seconds- the seconds that decide if a person shall go further and read your article or quit and switch to another one. Such is the importance of storytelling in content marketing.

What does storytelling achieve?

Who doesn’t like stories? It is an illusion that only children love story books. As adults, we like them too but often forget to acknowledge it.

As a storyteller, following are the things that you can achieve better than the others:-

• Increase the chances of your article being read

• Increase the time span that a customer spends on your page

• Develop a certain image for your brand

• Make a stronger impact on customers mind

• Improve customer loyalty and purchases

And if you think that the importance of storytelling in brand development is not substantiated by real life examples, you couldn’t be more wrong. Popular brands like PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Airbnb, Heinz, and many more have used it to hardwire their brand’s popularity and goodness in consumer’s brain.

Key components of a story

Now, that we are convinced about the importance of stories, let us also remember that not all stories can do the magic. There are few key elements that are quintessential for a story to work its way through competition and fix a place in the grey matter of our brains. Here they are:-

• The story must highlight a related problem that your consumer faces and also come forth with a solution

• It MUST have an emotional connect with people. You cannot get this one wrong

• It should leave the customer thinking. This thought will remind him/her about you.

Want to know more about storytelling or want one to be developed for your brand. Creative Ninjas will be happy to help. Call us at 8800552981 or write to us at tanushree.business@gmail.com.