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Why content with emotional touch perform better?

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  • April 20, 2018

Emotion is the key to win customer’s heart! The top brands across the globe acknowledge this fact and use emotions wisely in their content to promote themselves. Luxury brands in the world like Chanel, Titan, Rolex and Patek Philippe successfully incorporated emotions in their content marketing to promote their brand and boost their sales.

This advertisement campaign by Titan will help you get a glimpse of what we mean here.


Using right emotions appropriately in content is an art

Be cautious while adding emotions to your content as a slight mistake can cost you big. Although, adding emotional touch can increase the chances of your article or blog becoming viral, still if not used properly, it can make your audience to perceive your products/services in a wrong way.

There are many cases where emotions were used in wrong context and that’s why slammed by the audience. The perfect example for this is Novartis, a pharmaceutical company. An ad was created by it for promoting the sales of medicine for heart disease. This ad featured a man suffering from heart disease, sitting in an armchair, totally unaware as water slowly floods his room, showing him in a complete state of despair. Since pharmaceutical companies main objective is to save life and keep the hope alive, the concept went completely against it. Hence, it was considered as shameful and slammed by the audience.

The above example clearly shows that adding emotion to your content does not guarantee the success. It may win heart or it may fallout. Thus, it is important that content is created in such a way that your audience can grasp it easily. Also, the selection of words is something that can make your content great or worse. So, to attract your target audience, choose your words wisely.

How much value an emotional content can add to your brand?

The popular brands who successfully managed to incorporate emotions in their taglines are:

• Volvo – The tagline of this brand “For Life,” has successfully conveyed its message in seven letters.

• Spy Magazine – It’s Tagline, “Smart. Fun. Funny. Fearless.” is very effective in portraying all aspects of the Magazine.

Thus proven that a piece of content where emotional context is used properly can communicate your message in a much better way. Also, it helps to create a good and long lasting image of your brand in the mind of consumers. Corporate giants also acknowledge the fact that a good image of a brand helps to increase the consumer base and plays a crucial role in survival of the company in long run. According to Jay Samit, Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte, “The strength of brand loyalty begins with how your product makes people feel.”

How to make content more appealing to your audience?

To convey the emotions effectively, keep a check on the choice of words and grammar. Before content creation, it is essential to keep few things in mind:

• The language and essence of the content should have a direct relation with the target audience. For instance, if you want to communicate with younger audience, the language must be exciting. If the audience is older, sophisticated language with deeper meaning will be more impressive.

• Whether the content should be written in active or passive voice should depend on its topic.If you are writing content for a beauty product then then active voice should be preferred, Ex: “Your skin will glow instantly.” Suppose you have to write on some serious topic like “Rise in the rape incidents in India,” then passive voice will do much better.

• Jargons should be avoided as it can make your content boring.

• Try to avoid excessive use of interjections like Aah, Eww, Yahoo, phew, etc. as it can ruin the whole message you want to convey through your article or blog.

What role does emotion plays in content marketing and sales?

According to the industry experts, content marketing is one of the most effective tools in marketing. A great content can make a huge impact on the buyer’s mind. Also, adding emotional value to the content can influence the reader’s mind.

By adding an emotional touch to your blog, you can build trust in the mind of consumer which in turn can increase your sales and the rate of conversion.

So, use the power of words to rule heart of your customers!

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